Directional Atherectomy System


Cutter Driver
  • Ergonomically redesigned and powered to effectively treat all morphologies
  • 12,000 RPMs 
Enhanced Cutting
  • Consistent and predictable cutting with improved engagement in calcium
  • Treat severely calcified lesions up to 2 times more effectively*

Reduced Procedure Time

  • Simplified directional atherectomy selection with HawkOne 6F and 7F devices
  • No capital equipment
Preloaded Distal Flush Tool (DFT)
  • Faster cleaning and fewer steps
  • Cleaning time is up to 55% faster

Distal Tip
  • Radiopaque tip offers enhanced visualization and easier guidewire loading
  • Lower profile crosses tight lesions more predictably

Optimized Jog

  • Improved engagement in calcified lesions
  • Enhanced wall opposition in 2-7 mm vessels

All comparisons and claims made in reference to the TurboHawk™ High Efficiency Cutter.
*Data on file.

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