Maximize Lumen Gain. Maximize Results.

The TurboHawk™ plaque excision system treats peripheral arterial disease (PAD) by removing plaque from blocked arteries. The TurboHawk device is available in a High Efficiency (HE) Cutter to tackle the toughest lesion morphologies, including calcium,* and a Smooth Cutter to treat mild to moderately calcified lesions. Now you can treat PAD with technology that maximizes lumen gain, preserves a patient’s native vessels, and keeps future treatment options open.


DEFINITIVE LE Clinical Summary

The DEFINITIVE LE study is one of the largest multinational, multicenter PAD device studies to date, enrolling 800 patients from 47 sites in the U.S. and Europe. It provides insight into the clinical utility of directional atherectomy with the TurboHawk and SilverHawk™ devices in a broad range of patients (diabetics, non-diabetics, claudicants, and those with critical limb ischemia [CLI]).


*Large vessel catheters: When used in hard, complex calcified lesions the TurboHawk catheter should be paired with SpiderFX™ Embolic Protection Device to mitigate the risk of distal embolization. Small vessel catheters: Do not use in hard, complex calcified lesions due to the risk of distal embolization that may result from excising this type of lesion.



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