Maximize Results with the TurboHawk™ Device 

The TurboHawk™ plaque excision system can maximize lumen gain, above and below the knee, in all lesion morphologies, including calcium.1,2 Because no capital equipment is needed to operate the TurboHawk device, minimal set-up time is required.


TurboHawk High Efficiency Cutter for Large1 and Small2 Vessel Use


The High Efficiency (HE) Cutter is designed to give physicians the flexibility to treat all plaque morphologies, including heavy calcium. The HE Cutter employs off-the-wire flush cleaning using the Distal Flush Tool to remove calcified material.


TurboHawk Smooth Cutter for Large Vessel Use


The Large Vessel Smooth Cutter delivers improved cutting performance in mild to moderately calcified lesions with the convenience of on-the-wire cleaning, using a blunt tip needle for removing non-calcified plaque.

1  Large vessel catheters: When used in hard, complex calcified lesions the TurboHawk catheter should be paired with SpiderFX™ Embolic Protection Device to mitigate the risk of  
distal embolization.

2  Small vessel catheters: Do not use in hard, complex calcified lesions due to the risk of distal embolization that may result from excising this type of lesion..


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