Banner US IN.PACT Admiral Drug Coated Balloon

Differentiated DCB Design Intended to Maximize Safety and Efficacy

Technology Highlights

• Admiral® PTA balloon
• 4 mm – 7 mm diameters
• 40, 60, 80, 120 mm lengths
• Hydrophobic, lipophilic
• Anti-proliferative drug
• Therapeutic, efficacious dose (3.5μg/mm2)
• Hydrophilic
• Naturally-occuring
• Non-toxic
• Uniform and stable
• Controlled and scalable


Mechanism of Action

IN.PACT Admiral Photo 1
1. IN.PACT Admiral is coated with a matrix of paclitaxel and an excipient urea.
IN.PACT Admiral Photo 2
2. The coating comes into contact with water in the bloodstream upon inflation, hydrating the urea, which facilitates the release of paclitaxel at the target lesion.
IN.PACT Admiral Photo 3
3. Paclitaxel penetrates the vessel wall, where it remains at a therapeutic dose for over 180 days, addressing the causes of restenosis.

Proprietary Balloon Coating Provides Efficacy while Maintaining Clinical Safety

  • Paclitaxel dose of 3.5 μg/mm2 for reduction of neointimal hyperplasia
  • Naturally occurring excipient urea enables rapid drug transfer

Paclitaxel Therapeutic Window

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Exceptional Safety Profile at 12 Months

  • 95.7% primary safety composite, proving superior safety to standard PTA
  • Low, 1.4% and 3.8% thrombosis rates in IN.PACT SFA and IN.PACT Global, respectively
Defined as freedom from device- and procedure-related death at 30 days and freedom from target limb major amputation and CD-TVR at 12 months.

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