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Amphirion Deep - Product Details


The low crossing profile and differentiated shaft diameter design enables great trackability, excellent crossability, optimal pushability and flexibility.*

  • Great trackability facilitates reaching, crossing and treating challenging vasculature down to the pedal arteries.*
  • Excellent crossability contributes to deep below-the-knee access.*

Deliverability is enhanced by the LFC hydrophilic coating and low tip entry profile, while the anatomically designed 210mm long tapered balloon provides more precise balloon-to-vessel conformability in both diameter and length for treating long diffuse lesions.


*Crossability, the peak force to cross a simulated stenosis; trackability, the peak force to advance through anatomical model. 6 samples of each brand tested (diameter 2.5mmx120mmx150cm).

UC201303710a EN

†Bench Test Data on File at Medtronic, Inc. Test data not indicative of clinical performance.