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Control Under Pressure

High-pressure strength and performance designed specifically for your high-pressure procedures in AV fistulas

Flexitec™ XF Xtra Force utilizes advanced balloon polymer technology to deliver up to 22 atm for controlled high-pressure procedures*
  • High-pressure strength with controlled low-compliance enables dilatation of resistive lesions
Low-profile tip and balloon design enables excellent crossability
  • 5 F compatible (up to 6 mm diameter) allows small access site
  • 6-folding** balloon technology provides consistent low-profile crossability and rewrap

5 F dual lumen shaft for controlled pushability and kink resistance

Wide range of balloon lengths (from 20–80 mm) and diameters (from 4.0–8.0 mm)
* For balloon diameters 4.0-6.0mm
** 6-folding construction available only for balloon diameter from 5.0–8.0mm. 3-folding design available for 4.0mm balloon diameter.


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†Bench Test Data on File at Medtronic, Inc. Test data not indicative of clinical performance.