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Unique Modular Design Provides Greater Conformability*

The Assurant Cobalt Iliac stent’s modular design starts with an advanced cobalt chromium alloy, which is used to create individual rings that are formed into sinusoidal elements.

These elements are laser-fused using customized fusion patterns specifically designed to provide an optimal balance of strength and conformability, then electropolished to create a smooth, edgeless finish.

Our patented Secure Technology stent retention system features distal and proximal pillows intended to secure the stent to the catheter during delivery.


The Assurant Cobalt Iliac stent, with its unique cobalt chromium modular design, provides excellent conformability without sacrificing radial strength.*

Assurant Stent

Cobalt-chromium alloy composition allows for immediate post-procedure MRI imaging (MRI conditional).

Modular design allows for superior conformability.*


Excellent Conformability without sacrificing radial strength*

Assurant Comform Graph 

Modular design allows for superior conformability compared with the Omnilink Elite stent and the Boston Scientific Express LD stent.


Smaller Consistent Cell Size* is designed to conform to the vessell wall.


Medtronic Assurant®
Cobalt Iliac
(8 mm x 60 mm)


Boston Scientific Express® LD
(8 mm x 57 mm)


Sheath Compatibility Matrix

Sheath Compatibility Matrix

Ultra-low Crossing Profile

Crossing Profile (in.)
Assurant Crossing Profile

Assurant Cobalt® Iliac
(8 mm x 60 mm)

Boston Scientific
Express® LD
(8 mm x 57 mm)

Omnilink Elite®
(8 mm x 59 mm)

* Bench data on file at Medtronic, Inc. compares the Assurant Cobalt Iliac stent with the Boston Scientific Express® LD stent and Abbott Omnilink Elite® stent. Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance. Cell area bench test was not performed for Abbott Omnilink Elite®.

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