Protégé GPS™ Self-expanding Peripheral and Biliary Stent System

Large Diameters / Low Profile
  • Sizes up to 14 mm lets you tackle big challenges
  • Low profile: Full line is 6 F compatible
  • Proprietary EX.P.R.T.™ deployment system secures the stent to essentially eliminate premature deployment or "jumping"
  • Tantalum GPS™ markers enhance visibility for easier, more precise positioning
Radial Strength and Flexibility
  • Designed for radial strength, without sacrificing flexibility

DURABILITY Iliac1 was conducted to confirm the safety and effectiveness of primary stenting using the EverFlex™ and Protégé™ GPS™ Self-expanding Stent Systems for the treatment of lesions in the common and external iliac arteries. Noteworthy points about the study:
  • 75 subjects enrolled
  • ≥ 50% stenosis, restenosis or occlusion
  • Target lesion length ≤ 10 cm
  • Target vessel diameter is ≥ 4.5 mm and ≤ 11.0 mm
Results of DURABILITY Iliac study with Protégé GPS Stent:
  • 45/75 patients enrolled in the study received a Protégé GPS stent
  • Nine-month MAE rate of 2.2%
    • 2.2% clinically drive TLR
    • 0% periprocedural death
    • 0% in-hospital MI
    • 0% amputation of treated limb
  • Nine-month primary patency rate of 97.7%
1 Faries, P. Nine-Month Outcomes of DURABILITY Iliac Trial. VIVA. 2014.