Protégé™ RX Self-expanding Carotid Stent System


Predictable Deployment
  • Proprietary EX.P.R.T.™ release technology essentially eliminates premature deployment or jumping
  • No stent shortening
  • Unique anatomically designed tapered stent for better fit in the carotid bifurcation
  • 0.014" rapid exchange catheter with 6 F low crossing profile and flexible atraumatic tip
  • Radiopaque marker on catheter clearly indicates tapered location for precise positioning
Visible Results
  • Tantalum GPS™ markers enhance visibility for precise positioning and result confirmation
  • Cell design produces expansion force that resists compression while providing excellent wall apposition
  • Straight and tapered options for customzed fit in carotid vessels

* The safety and efficacy of the Protege™ RX carotid stent system in the carotid indication has not been demonstrated with embolic protection devices other than with the SpiderFX™ embolic protection device.  The SpiderFX embolic protection device has been demonstrated to be compatible with the Protege RX carotid stent system in bench and animal testing.

The clinical data contained within this document reflects data generated using the Protege GPS carotid stent system but has been determined to be applicable to the Protege RX carotid stent system in bench and animal testing.

** Defined as successful deployment and retrieval of distal protection device, successful stent deployment and final diameter stenosis < 50%.

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